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  Check out the U.S. Naval Observatory and calibrate your watch.
 Tired of the old Gregorian calelndar? Want something different? Try
 The Laws List [This site contains a good glossary of pertinent terms.] Laws, rules, principles, effects, paradoxes, limits, constants, experiments, & thought-experiments in physics
 Eric's Treasure Troves of Science
 How Things Work [This site offers credible explanations of the science behind common artifacts.]
 Need a question answered? Try your luck at Ask the Space Scientist
 Physical Constants - Here is a site maintained by the National Institute of Standards that lists stanrdards for measurement of everything that can be measured.

 Physics teacher's favorite sites developed by the University of Wisconsin -River Falls
And others not supported by UWRF
physics news graphics
physics web


 The Mardens of Science -- American Science and Surplus
 An applet for the teacher? Java applets are short, animated diagrams illustrating some phenomenon. You can find a veritable bushel of applets at

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 Female Mathematicians:
 Go to 4000 Years of Women in Science at
 Biographies of Women Mathematicians at
 Nine Steps toward Achieving Gender Equity in the Classroom
 The sites listed below bring into sharper focus contemporary women in
Science, Engineering and Technology in the United Kingdom.
Contributions of 20th Century Women in Physics

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American Chemical Society
Atomic spectra on-line
  WWW Table of Isotopes


 Periodic Table
Virtual Chemistry Center
 Selected Papers in Chem History
 history of chemistry
 This Week in the History of Chemistry
 Selected Papers from the History of Chemistry

 Chem Tutor - very comprehensive - veery good
The Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements

Steven Hawking's Universe
 The Messier Catalog
  History of Astronomy
  Born after 1969? See the phase of the moon on your birthday and other oddities at

 Click these lines for a collection of history sites.
 History of Science [A Good Web Site linked to 100 other useful sites for science, philosophy, and ethics. Alchemy included at no additional charge.]
Center for History of Physics:
 Physics Time-Lines -- general
twentieth century
 Need the Picture of a Physicist?
 The Galileo Project is a hypertext source of information on the life and work of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) and the science of his time.

 Included in this collection is an extensive resource on the history of early science Catalog of the Scientific Community in the 16th and 17th Centuries.

Visit it at

 An iconoclast for the 20th century

Show me de money

The contribution to science by the men and women of science is recognized by awards or by naming units after them. Some countries put their faces on currency

 VisIt this very comprehensive site

 Need a physics nespaper?

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 History of Mathematics
For a comprehensive history of mathematics, go to
History of Mathematics Archive

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 Mathematics Enrichment:
 What's My Line?
Click on this site for an explanation of just about every curve one can draw.

 For those of you who want to get down to basics in geometry, try Euclid's Elements.
This site is interactive and lets the students move the diagrams
Find an entire high school math program at Hypermath
 Powers of Ten Applet
 Geometry in Motion at
allows to interact with a wide variety of geometric diagrams
 Here is a comprehensive site at Drexel University

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  National Science Foundation
 Air & Space Museum
 Smithsonian Institute
 US Department of Energy
 National Science Teachers Assoc.
American Association of Physics Teachers
 American Physical Society
 American Institute of Physics
 Optical Society of America
 National Museum of Science- London
 Fermi Lab

  The Internet Pilot to Physics 
 Albert Einstein On line 
 General Information
Feynman Information 
 ABCs of Nuclear Science
 Lawrence Berkeley Lab
The Exploratorium
 Exploratorium demos
 Science News Online
 Nobel Laureates

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 Welcome to the Universe
 Virtual Reference Desk
 Ethics Center for Science
 NOVA - On-line
 Science Insight
 Chemical Societies Network
 The History of Chemistry
 Isaac Newton
 20th century achievement
 United States Naval Observatory
 American Nuclear Society

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