The Egg Drop

Your task is to fashion a craft that will cause an egg to survive a drop of 3m. Please keep these considerations in mind:

1. You are limited to no more than five sheets of paper and no more than 1 m of masking tape.

2. Survive means no cracks and no breaks.

3. The tape may be used to connect paper and egg but may not be used to enhance the structural integrity of the egg.

4. The craft must leave the throwers hand.

5. Should you touch any raw egg material, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly.

6.Should your egg survive, remove the egg and weigh the craft. Your score will be setermined as follows:

60 points + 40 points (mass of lightest craft) / (mass of your craft)

7. In the event that the craft fails to protect the egg, You may try again as many times as necessary with a ten point deduction for each additional trial.

Last edited 01/01/06