Lens lab analysis

. We will use Excel (or whatever spreadsheet you may have at home) to aid in this effort.

1. In four convenient colums list the values for Di, Do, Hi & Ho.

2. Lateral magnifiation (M) = Hi/Ho = Di/Do. For each pair of values, calculate M from the height ratio and from the object/image distance ratio. Show these ratios in adjacent columns. How do they compare?

3. You have several pairs of values for Di & Do. For each case calculate f, the focal length. Calculate means build a formula in the spreadheet to do the drudgery for you. How consistent are the answers for each pair of values? how would you explain any irregularities? How do these values of the focal length compare with the image distance for the house across the parking lot?

4. What kind of graph would you expect if you plotted Di vs. Do? Take a guess and then graph these data using graph wizard.

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Last edited 01/01/06