Tennis Ball Pedestal

The task: Using the materials provided, build a structure that will rest on a table and support a tennis ball the greatest distance above the table. This project is subject to the following conditions:

1. You may use no more than 50 straws and 50 common pins.

2. The tennis ball cannot be punctured by the pins or the straws.

3. With the tennis ball in place the structure must stand a minimum of 5 seconds.

4. The structure must be free standing; it cannot be affixed to the floor or lean against anything.

5. Pedestal height will be measured vertically from the table to the bottom of the ball. You may have multiple measurements.

6. Your score for this project will be determined as follows:

For a minimum height of 30 cm =

60 pts + 40 pts x (height of your pedestal / height of tallest pedestal


Last edited 01/01/06