Vector Addition


1. For each student group, print the grid, cut out the twenty squares, and place them in an envelope.
2.. All groups start at the same place, remove a slip from the envelope and follow directions.
3. A unit is the length of any convenient measuring device.
4. What is the final displacement for this activity?

Last edited 01/01/06

 Move 8 units North  Move 2 units South  Move 3 units
 Move 2 units west
 Move 3 units North  Move 5 units South   Move 5 units East  Move 4 units west
 Move 7 units North  Move 4 units South  Move 7 units East  Move 6 units west
 Move 6 units North Move 7 units South    Move 9 units East   Move 8 units west
 Move 4 units North Move 8 units South    Move 11 units East  Move 10 units west