Page one derivations
X = the distance an object travels
 t = elapsed time to travel distance X
 Vo = velocity at X = 0, t = 0
 V = velocity at end of time and distance traveled
 a = acceleration, assumed to be unchangiing during t
 We define acceleration as  
 define Dvelocity ..............Dtime  
 Rearrange terms to get page 1 line 1  
 We take as axiom  
 Define V ave = 1/2 (Vo +V)
This is page 2, line 2
 Start with p1,l2.......For V sub in p1,l1  
  Rearrange terms to get page 1 line 3  
 Take eq p1, l1 and square it  
 Factor this line  
 Terms in ( ) = x......This is page 1, line 4  

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