Modern Physics People- the Atomic Perimeter

This exercise is intended to focus your attention on the people whose work made physics what it is. You are expected to choose one of the scientists whose names are listed below. Prepare a biographical sketch of your scientist. I am interested in the scientists professional accomplishments as well as his/her personal life A written summary of your remarks, on the order of two pages in length, will be due at the beginning of class at a date to be determined. You may deliver you work on paper or file it electronically at my email address found on the Preface page at the beginning of this web site. It should be written in the style prescribed by the English department. Be sure to include a bibliography of sources of information and include web site addresses as necessary.
Students in other classes may be doing similar work on your scientist. It is my expectation that each of you will work independently of the others. Failure to meet this expectation will result in no credit being awarded for your effort.

  Scientists are listed here in no particular order.

 John Dalton  Max Planck  Max Planck
 D. Mendeleev  Henri Poincare  Wilhelm Rontgen
 J.J.Thomson  Erwin Schrodinger  Heinrich Geissler
 Robert Millikan  Wolfgang Pauli  Neils Bohr
 Johannes Balmer  Werner Heisenberg  Louis deBroglie
 Ernest Rutherford  Max Born  H.A.Lorentz
 Hans Geiger  Arnold Somerfeld  J. Franck & G. Hertz

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