Advanced PlacementConnection

Waterville High School is committedto providing suitable academic challenges to all its young clientele.For the most capable scholars, academic challenge translates intothe Advanced Placement testing program whereby students are guidedby a college curriculum on their way toward mastery of each disciplineand college credit.

AP Physics B has been part of the intellectual fabric of thisschool since the 1980-81 school year. Even during my administratoryears (I was assistant principal 1981-85). I continued to teachthe class, learning more about physics and more about teachingalong the way. In recent years, class size has varied between18 - 24 scholars. In a typicacl year, about half the class willsit for the exam. (Of the others, some are not ready, some arematriculating at schools that do not recognize AP. I see no advantagein forcing these kids to sit for an exam from which they willderive no benefit)

The passions of my professional life are 1) teaching 2) physics,and the pupils I teach at Waterville HS. I have been able to connecton the first two of these as an AP consultant for the CollegeBoard.
I have delivered half-day workshops at Stonehill college, St Anselm'sCollege and Regis College. I have presented comprehensive, five-dayprograms at these places:

 1999  2000  2001  2002  2003  2004

  University of Toronto
a capella
 X  X        

 So. Connecticut StateUniv
w/ Dr. James Dolan
   X  X  X  X X (tentative)

 Bates College
w/ Dr. John Pribram
     X  X  X   X (tentative)

In November 1998, I made apresentation in AP physics to the convention of the European Councilof Independent Schools in Hamburg, Germany.

In September, 2003, I was awardedthe Siemans Award for commitment to the AP program.

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