Mikey's EquityReport

A View*from Row G, Seat 3
August 9, 2001

1. Children arecreated as indivdual beings. Fostering equitable pedagogical practicesensures that that individuality will be sustained.

2. It iseasy to teach the bright and the beautiful. Equity in the classroommeans striving to teach all children as though they were born that way.

3. Equityis an outcome, not a process. Along the way to that end, children willneed your time and attention in varying amounts.

4. Striving towardequity works. Women and minorities born on this day will have a greaterchance at fullfillment than at any other time in history.

5.Successful children are raised by nurturing parents in a stableenvironment. Other children grow older on their own and take theirchances. The school community must find ways to make up the difference.

6.Educators who cannot recognize different learning styles have sentencedtheir students to a second-class chance at learning.

7. MaineLearning Results is the state's attempt to bring equity to theacademically underchallenged.

8. Aneffective teacher succeeds by teaching what the children can learn.Failing the masses in the name of high standards is the easiest way forteachers to turn their backs on the children enntrusted to their care.

9.Effective teachers continually seek to improve. It is sad that too manychildren get stuck with the rest.

10. If youneed a test for equity, become a scholar.

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