"What I am going to tell you about is what we teach our physics students in the third or fourth year of graduate school... It is my task to convince you not to turn away because you don't understand it. You see my physics students don't understand it...
That is because I don't understand it. Nobody does."

Richard P. Feynman


 Note to the Reader: The author of this cyber-text retired from teaching after 36 years. You can still access this site due to the generosity of public school officials in Waterville Maine (USA) who continue to support this project.

What follows is a work-in-progress that was once taking form as a syllabus for Physics 2K2 at Waterville High School. Given the breadth of variety and the rate of growth of useful materials available on the Internet, it seems advisable to forego the restrictions that come with using a traditional text, and to use in its stead materials and activities available on-line. Units that comprise the course are listed in the Table of Contents which follows. This elecronic text was used for the first time during the 1998-99 school year and was favorably received by the 46 students enrolled in the course. The current e-text is being updated and improved.

The premise of this approach is rather straight forward. The short paragraphs on these pages were written by me with the intent of providing a context that will connect one topic to another. The links to web sites are intended to provide the reader with background in the topic at hand. These sites will take you to descriptions of the physics, or experiments, or problem sets or other practice examples. The web sites listed here are not intended to preclude Internet inquiry on the part of the student. Rather, these links should illustrate examples of other sites for which the student should be searching.
That this collection of materials may be of value to the reader is due solely to the countless hundreds of scholars who have unselfishly posted their thoughts at a web site to be shared with anyone whose browsers caused them to stop by. In the same spirit of sharing, I welcome any student to use what is written here if these pages can make your study of physics easier.
The syllabus is posted here is incomplete; in fact, it will never be "completed". I expect it to be altered and otherwise improved almost every day it is in use.I invite interested educators to send comments and suggestions regarding the scope of content as well as the facility with which the web site can be used.

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