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 Welcome to Physics 2K2, an elective physics program that was taught at Waterville High School in Maine (USA). Physics 2K2 is delivered as two separate courses to students whose interest and ability can be categorized as follows:

Physics 368 (Advanced Placement) for students likely to go to college and likely to major in physics/engineering/mathematics;

Physics 361
(College Preparatory) for students likely to attend a four year college, likely to study science again, may or may not major in science.

Physics 362 A third course offered at the school, (Tech Prep Physics) caters to students who have a curiosity for physical science but are reluctant to explore mathematical connections to science in any great depth.

Students enrolled in these classes will learn the same content in physics as other students in thousands of classrooms around the country. What will be different is the repository medium from which the student extracts what he/she needs to know. In traditional classes the printed text, a fifteenth century innovation, holds a central role as fountain of knowledge, and arbiter of disputes, among other attributes.

Physics 2K2 is built around the Internet, a very late-twentieth century means to organize and retrieve vast quantities of facts and the principles that tie them together. Rather than rely on the Internet for enrichment purposes, students enrolled in this program will visit pre-selected web sites that will cause them to discover the topic at hand. The prose found on the Waterville server was written by me in an attempt to put these sites into a context that is high school physics today. This web site was used for the first time during the 1998-99 school year for physics 361. In September, 2001, this approach was applied to the other courses for the first time.

Feel free to wander though this site, exploring what it may contain. The site is menu driven and hopefully all the links work. Fair use of this site includes scholarly application of its contents by students and teachers. Commercial use of this site without permission of the author is prohibited

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I welcome your commentary and constructive criticism of the physics 2k2 site. It is a work-in-progress that can only improve with your input. Feel free to email your opinions to mgosselin@fc.wtvl.k12.me.us

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